Orr Spiegel, PhD


Former post-doctoral fellow. Funded by the Rothschild Post doctorate fellowship

Prior Education


Ph.D., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Movement ecology of vultures: Foraging patterns, their underlying mechanisms and ecological consequences.

Supervised by Prof. Ran Nathan. 2013

M.Sc., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.
Frugivory and seed dispersal in desert ecosystems: Scale-dependent dispersal effectiveness
Supervised by Prof. Ran Nathan. 2006

B.Sc., The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.  Biology and Earth Sciences. 2003

Research Interests 

In ecology, movements appear in many various forms and play an important role in virtually all ecological and many evolutionary processes. Therefore, they offer a unique opportunity to link between different processes at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales. My research interests are how internal (e.g., animal motivation, its personality) and external factors (e.g., environmental conditions, social interactions) affect the movement track. Furthermore I’m interested in the connection between these movements and individuals fitness, social group structure and population dynamics. In my research I combine an experimental approach, tracking of free-ranging animals and advanced modeling. Most of my studies focused on birds as a model system to explore the consequences of movement patterns on seed dispersal, foraging efficiency and disease transmission.