David J. Harris attended the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) Summer Institute, which taught best practices for computing, working with big data sets, and techniques for making scientific analyses more reproducible.

Kevin Ringelman (Eadie Lab) received a 2013 Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award for WFC 111: Biology and Conservation of Wild Birds. This award, which is co-sponsored by the Graduate Council and the Office of Graduate Studies, recognizes excellence in teaching by graduate students on the UC Davis campus.

Sean Ehlman, a first-year phD student, received a 2013 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship in Ecology!

Tomas Brodin, a former post-doc in the Sih lab, now an assistant professor at Umeå University- Sweden, was selected by the journal Science to represent them at the 2013 AAAS annual meeting in Boston. He was invited to hold a 55 minute long press conference in connection to the lift of the embargo of his Science publication, “Dilute Concentrations of a Psychiatric Drug Alter Behavior of Fish from Natural Populations”. The news spread fast and within 3 days the research findings had reached over 3 billion people!

Kevin Ringelman (Eadie Lab) attended the North American Duck Symposium in January 2013. He received awards for the 2013 Best Student Presentation, the First Place Travel, and the Third Place Best Student Poster. This is an unprecedented honor in the history of the conference.

Sean Fogarty completed his dissertation as of December 2012 and is off to Princeton University to begin his Post-Doc position in January 2013. Stay tuned for a link to his new lab page.

Ann Chang completed her dissertation as of December 2012. She now works at the UC Berkeley Museum of Vertebrate Zoology.

Dave Harris is the proud recipient of the 2012 E.C. Pielou Award, a competitive award made annually to a graduate student or recent Ph.D. graduate based on overall quality of the student’s scientific contribution to statistical ecology, as evidenced by his or her oral presentation at the Ecological Society of America’s Annual Meeting.

Kelly Weinersmith was awarded the Outstanding Student Paper Award from the American Society of Parasitologists for her presentation entitled “Two manipulative trematode parasites modify the physiology and behavior of California killifish (Fundulus parvipinnis)”. This award is given annually for the best student presentation at the ASP’s yearly conference.

Julia Saltz won the Warner Clyde Allee competition for Best Student Paper at the 2012 Animal Behavior Society meeting, for her presentation entitled “Social-gene-environment correlation influences the development of individual differences in male aggressiveness in Drosophila melanogaster“. Julia recently completed her PhD in the Sih lab.

Sean Fogarty received the NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology:  Intersections of Biology and Mathematical and Physical Sciences to work with Iain Couzin and Naomi Leonard at Princeton University on integrating individual level variation in phenotype into models and experiments on emergent behavior in a schooling fish. The postdoc will start in the Winter of 2012.

Alison Bell won the 2012 Outstanding New Investigator Award from the Animal Behavior Society given to a young scientist within 5 years of receiving their PhD.  Alison was a postdoc in the Sih lab.  She was recognized for her leading role in the study of genes, hormones and the evolution of behavioral syndromes.

Andy Sih won the 2011 Quest Award from the Animal Behavior Society for seminal contributions to the field, in particular, for being one of the pioneers in developing the field of behavioral syndromes (aka animal personalities).

Maud Ferrari won the 2011 Outstanding New Investigator Award from the Animal Behavior Society given to a young scientist within 5 years of receiving their PhD.  Maud was a postdoc in the Sih lab.  She was recognized for her exceptional productivity, and innovative work on sensory systems, learning and antipredator behavior.